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We just use top equipment for your horses health and yours !!

If you want to have maximum fun exercising your favorite activities including horse riding, you should know that the equipment your horse needs to be quality. Whether for hiking or for your work endurance, dressage, the horse must be pampered so he can feel your affection.

The best way to do this lies above all in the accessories he should wear for comfort whether prior or subsequent spats or halter. It is also important to protect with a blanket after a major effort.

The choice of equipment

Choosing the right equipment for its horse is equivalent to exercise vis-à-vis his safety and that of his mount. With antares saddles, you can be sure to have a brand precedence equipment quality, comfort and security. Apart from the saddle, we also recommend our gaiters, our protectors balls for your horse tendons can be protected. Note that all our products have many properties that affect the well being of your horse no matter if it remains at rest or at work. You can also ideal cover for hikes, walks in the woods or to spend the night under the stars.

Stay enough for your horse

Good quality equipment allow your horse to feel how you take care of him. Whether a hitch horse or a racehorse, it must deserve all the attention to the quality of work that you provide. Before the seller, you can, for example, put a rug to prevent any injuries caused by the friction of the latter or acquire traveling protection if you plan to carry it.

We provide quality equipment for your equestrian activity be successful and remain at your disposal for any request, information, information, suggestions, opinions, critics and others. You can also make purchases online no matter where you are.


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