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Where to find the best saddle for your horse?

Equipment for the horse and for the saddle in particular, has finally evolved fairly little for decades. Only fifteen years ago, with the explosion of technologies, researchers and saddlers are looking into this very complex issue of making the best saddles.It is thanks to several circumstances that the universe of upholstery has become an object of major concern. The development of new technologies has allowed both a better knowledge of the biomechanics of the horse, a more and more specialized research, and the appearance of new materials. The world of the horse as a whole is more and more concerned about the welfare of our horses. The search for performance has shown the necessity of a material that is hyper suitable for both the horse and the rider.

The best saddle is the most suitable saddle for the rider / horse pair

We do not stop progress and innovation, all areas are really affected. Equestrian equipment is not to be outdone, especially the riding saddle manufacturing sector. We saw the new generation saddles arrived at different saddlers.
The CWD brand launched the 2G saddle in 2005 and the 2GS in 2012. Most other saddlers have also made research programs and introduced a new generation of saddles.
We thus find "new generation" saddles at Devoucoux, Thomas Pflieger, Bates and Wintec among others and of course at CWD. This is good because there are ways to get these saddles of great saddlers at attractive prices. The development of online sales has led to the emergence of virtual shops that sell used english saddles for sale on the internet. Thus, one of the leaders of the online sale of riding saddles offers used saddles for sale. You will find the best saddle for your rider / horse pair on Equitack. Equitack sells saddles from major brands (Antares, Devoucoux, CWD, Butet ...). They are of excellent quality and of recent manufacture.


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