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The best equipment for all riding beginers

Everyone knows that horseback riding needs lots of equipment. As a beginner, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Where do you start, what’s absolutely essential and what can you substitute for things you already have lying around in your closet? You don’t need all the gear on the market to get started with horseback riding, not at all. But you do need to invest in a few good quality pieces to help you stay safe on horseback.

Riding helmet

As a beginner, the riding helmet is probably the most important piece of equipment and you should definitely invest in one. Good news is that lots of helmets are cheap at used saddles for sale sites. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to find something that works. The only thing you have to look out for is the safety standards, its fine. Oftentimes, the safety standard is given based on a test that determines if the helmet can protect you, if you should be in a horse related accident such as falling off. Other kinds of helmets such as bicycling helmets aren’t designed to resist such heavy impact, so it’s important that you choose a proper riding helmet with the right safety standards

Riding boots

A common danger when riding is the risk of getting stuck in the stirrup with your foot. If you fall off while your foot is stuck in the stirrup, you can be dragged after the and get injured. That’s why it’s important to wear boots with a heel and covered ankle to prevent this from happening.

Comfortable and practical clothes

As you can maybe already tell, most essential riding equipment is safety related. While most horse-riding clothes, gloves, and other gear can make riding more comfort able, safety is what you mainly want to concern yourself with as a beginner. However, comfort is definitely also important when it comes to your riding experience. Nothing is worse than wounds and chafes on legs, hands or feet because of ill-fitting or impractical clothes.